It’s time to get organized and turn an enjoyable pastime into an addictive chore.

It is now August. I can smell the stink of football wafting towards me. Only 4 days until the first NFL preseason game, 20 days until Madden 17, 23 days until the first college football game, and 40 days until the first real NFL game. Most NFL games are played on Sundays, but the 65 preseason games are scattered between Thursday and Sunday and it seems like there is a college football game on every day of the week during the season. To get a grasp of the schedule of the busy upcoming months of sports, I created a list of the events I am interested in and when they are on. I created a calendar format which is impossible to read but it shows how concentrated the weekends are with the NFL preseason games.

I have also created a list format for the events with the ones that I plan to watch in bold. In August 2016 there is 1 Bellator event, 3 UFC events, 1 college football game, and 48 preseason NFL games. For some reason I cannot find the network that most of the NFL games are on, I don’t know if that hasn’t been decided yet or if I just didn’t look hard enough. Regardless I will have a way to stream every major network so the start times are the most important. I want to check out Bellator to see if it is as entertaining as the UFC or if it is the circus act that I have heard it described as. There are also going to be some conflicting events on at the same time but not to worry, I have 2 TV’s and a Monitor. Most events will trump preseason football, but the first college football game of the season is going to be played in Australia, the first college football game there since 1987. I will try to watch Cal beat Hawaii along with Bellator at the same time.

Saturday August 6th

UFC Fight Night 92 (FS1 7pm)

Sunday August 7th

Hall of Fame Game: Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts (ESPN 8pm) – football is back.

Thursday August 11th

Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons (7pm)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles (7pm)

Carolina Panthers @ Baltimore Ravens (7:30pm)

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots (7:30pm)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets (7:30pm)

Denver Broncos @ Chicago Bears (8pm) – this is the game that I will probably choose to watch to see the quarterbacks of the Broncos.

Friday August 12th

Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants (7pm)

Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers (7pm)

Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers (8pm) – I will watch this game to see the train wreck at quarterback for the Browns and the young receivers for the Packers.

Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals (10pm)

Saturday August 13th

Dallas Cowboys @ LA Rams (ESPN 8pm) – this will be the first game for the born again LA Rams.

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills (7pm)

Seattle Seahawks @ Kansas City Chiefs (4:30pm)

San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans (8pm)

Sunday August 14th

Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers (7pm) – Both teams have mediocre quarterbacks competing for the starting job.

Thursday August 18th

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers (7pm)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions (7pm) – the Bengals carried my fantasy team last year, I want to see if I should follow the same strategy this year and draft the skill offensive players from Cincinnati.

Atlanta Falcons @ Cleveland Browns (8pm)

Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers (8pm)

Chicago Bears @ New England Patriots (8pm)

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks (10pm)

Friday August 19th

New York Jets @ Washington Redskins (7:30pm)

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys (8pm) – the both of these teams are either going to be great or fucking awful this season, might as well watch some of their backups play in preparation for a make or break season (god the clichés are already coming).

Arizona Cardinals @ San Diego Chargers (9pm)

Saturday August 20th

UFC 202 (8pm, PPV 10pm)

Carolina Panthers @ Tennessee Titans (3pm) – I will watch as much of this game as I can before the UFC 202 prelims begin. The game should be over by 8pm, but preseason games are known to last forever due to time stoppage from penalties by unexperienced players.

New York Giants @ Buffalo Bills (4pm)

Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts (7pm)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Jacksonville Jaguars (7:30pm)

New Orleans Saints @ Houston Texans (8pm)

San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos (9pm)

Kansas City Chiefs @ LA Rams (10pm)

Thursday August 25th

Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins (NBC 8pm) – I like the Al Michaels/Chris Collinsworth duo.

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks (10pm)

Friday August 26th

Bellator 160 (Spike TV 8pm)

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers (7:30pm)

Buffalo Bills @ Washington Redskins (7:30pm)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New Orleans Saints (8pm)

Cleveland Browns @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8pm)

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers (10pm)

California Bears @ Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (ESPN 10pm) – the billion dollar physical exploitation industry known at college football begins.

Saturday August 27th

UFC on Fox 21 (Fox 8pm)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears (1pm) – this is the game I can watch in its entirety before UFC starts. I will probably have a preseason game on in the back ground that I will glance at in between the abundant Fox commercials.

Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens (7pm)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts (7pm)

New York Giants @ New York Jets (7:30pm)

Tennessee Titans @ Oakland Raiders (8pm)

LA Rams @ Denver Broncos (9pm)

Sunday August 28th

San Diego Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings (Fox 1pm)

Arizona Cardinals @ Houston Texans (Fox 4pm)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars (NBC 8pm) – Fantasy football scouting and the warm embrace of Al Michaels combined with the research of Chris Collinsworth.