After watching a movie in my extremely hot and uncomfortable house it was only 7:45 PM and I had nothing else to do. I instinctively went to my phone and scrolled through the social media apps that provide so much frustration and anger. Only half paying attention I mindlessly swiped my thumb up looking at Twitter and saw this tweet from Dana White promoting the Casey/Stanciu fight.


I knew that the UFC held events in between main PPV cards but I assumed most of them were on UFC Fight Pass (which I think I am going to subscribe to) and the others were on the plague of sports TV, FS1 (that is the only jab I am going to take at FS1, well one more, if you watched this card, you definetaly know about the new Bourne movie). These fights were free on FS1 and I had nothing better to so I booted up the Fox Sports Go app and watched the Alvey/Spicely fight through the end of the main card.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Middleweight – Alex Nicholson def. Devin Clark – (KO punches)

Bantamweight – Rani Yahya def. Matthew Lopez – (Submission arm-triangle choke)

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Lightweight – Scott Holtzman def. Cody Pfister – (Decision unanimous)

Women’s Strawweight – Cortney Casey def. Cristina Stanciu – (TKO elbows)

Middleweight – Sam Alvey def. Eric Spicely – (Submission guillotine choke)

Sam Alvey finished off Spicely with a guillotine choke in the first round. Spicely showed a lot of energy and promise, but his lack of experience was the biggest factor in this fight. Alvey was more comfortable in the ring and it showed when he was able to complete a submission, something he is not known for. “Smiling” Sam Alvey lived up to his dreadful nickname by immediately running to the center of the octagon, spreading his arms wide open like a bird and smiled extremely hard and extremely fake after Spicely tapped out. I assume that is his signature move. He then attempted to come off as charming and funny in the after the fight interview, but sounded like an idiot and looked like a clown. He made a reference to Dan Henderson being old, called out Europe and asked them to fight him, and then asked for a bigger bonus check from Dana White because he has a kid due to be born in 10 days. Ugh, it was not fun to watch him annoyingly rant and peacock around, it made me cringe more than once.

Women’s Bantamweight – Katlyn Chookagian def. Lauren Murphy – (Decision unanimous)

Except for the second round, Chookagian controlled her fight with Murphy. Wearing a skirt (the first time I have ever seen that) she bounced around in the first and second round forcing Murphy to be the aggressor. With every major movement, Chookagian makes a Sharapovian esque noise. Murphy took Chookagian to the ground in the second round and dominated the round preventing Chookagian from getting back up. Murphy tried to take Chookagian to the ground towards the end of the third round after getting frustrated from chasing her. Utilizing the “get in, get out” technique and forcing Murphy to chase her around by controlling the center of the octagon, Chookagian won by decision. She has an undefeated MMA record and is now 1-0 in the UFC.

Main Card (FS1)

Flyweight – Louis Smolka def. Ben Nguyen – (TKO Punches and elbows)

I am still ignorant when it comes to the techniques used in UFC. Most of the small weight class fights become dull when they spend most of their time on the ground fight for position, mostly because I can’t recognize what is occurring. The fight between Nguyen and Smolka was anything but boring and almost all of it was on the ground. Nguyen came out firing and landed multiple hits on Smolka. They both go to the ground fighting for position. It is easy to see that these two are comfortable with fighting on the ground. Smolka almost got Nguyen in multiple chokes and leg locks but Nguyen was able to wiggle out of every one of them. Smolka would then get on top of Nguyen and land punches and elbows over and over. Nguyen was bloodied up bad and could barely walk back to his stool after the first round. In the second round Smolka would punish Nguyen in between submission attempts. Nguyen somehow got out of a deep choke but Smolka followed it up with brutal elbows. The ref called the fight while Nguyen’s coaches threw a towel in the ring. I was surprised that the ref waited as long as he did to call the fight as Nguyen was taking a beating and didn’t look like he was intelligently defending himself. This was a fun fight and despite his loss, Nguyen hung tough for his hometown.

MMA: UFC Fight Night - Smolka vs Nguyen

Welterweight – Keita Nakamura def. Kyle Noke – (Submission rear-naked choke)

This fight started with Nakamura absorbing a jab directly to his face from Noke. Nakamura didnt dodge many punches throughout the two rounds continuing to test the strength of his chin. Noke took him down to the ground twice and had won the first two rounds. In the second half of the first round Nakamura becomes more aggressive and lands some combinations. Nakamura landed a heavy knee which led to Noke stumbling to the ground. At the sight of Noke on his back, Nakamura rushed on top of him, landed several punches as he mounted him. Noke tried to get into a better position but Nakamura got him in a rear naked choke. With only one second left in the round, Noke tapped out. It almost looked like his hand tapped the mat at the same time the buzzer sounded. Just one second left. That is a rough way to go out considering he was winning the two rounds at that point. Watching Nakamura immediately collapse on the wounded Noke to finish him off was frightening.

Heavyweight – Daniel Omielanczuk def. Oleksiy Oleinik – (Decision majority)

These two European heavyweights spent almost the entire three rounds on the ground. Oleinik has been fighting in MMA forever with a record of 50-9-1 and is nicknamed the Boa Constrictor because of his great ground game. This whole fight saw Oleinik fighting for a submission on the ground, but Omielanczuk played good defense and continued to land many punches and elbows to the head of Oleinik. His shorts were soaked in Oleiniks blood who’s face looked like hamburger at the end of the fight. His right eye swelled up. Oleinik kept spitting out his mouth guard and the ref gave it back to him the two times he forced the fighters to stand up in the third round. The last 15 seconds of the fight saw Oleinik throw a couple desperation hay makers and then Omielanczuk brought him down to the ground to avoid a lucky KO. Omielanczuk won by majority decision.

UFC Fight Night: Oleinik v Omielanczuk

Middleweight – Tim Boetsch vs. Josh Samman (TKO punches)

Both of these guys look really big for middleweights. I know I say that a lot but these two guys especially look way bigger than dudes that weigh 186 pounds. Boetsch wore knee pads, which I have never seen before. There were a couple of kicks and punches thrown standing up but most of this fight was spent on the ground or with the two fighters clinched together against the cage. Boetsch took Samman to the ground in the second round and never let him stand back up. He fought for position and just unleashed a flurry of punches to Samman’s face, mostly to his left eye. The ref warned Samman to move and to protect himself, but had to call the fight after Samman continue to get obliterated. Sammans eye was super swollen and was a shade of red combined with purple forming a color I have never seen before. Samman seemed to fight towards Boetsch strengths (ground fighting) and seemed really tweaked on adrenaline, might of affected him. At the official decision the camera showed him poking his swollen eye, still looking tweaked.

MMA: UFC Fight Night - Boetsch vs Samman

Lightweight – Tony Ferguson def. Landon Vannata (Submission D’Arce choke)

This fight started around 11 pm and I was starting to get tired. This fight woke me up. I couldnt even keep track of all of the significant punches and kicks because there were so many. Vannata looked smooth and fluid in his stance but he barely protected his head the whole fight absorbing countless jabs. Vannata almost finished off Ferguson after knocking him to the ground with a kick. Vannata looked too tired to get a good position to finish him off on the ground. In the second round Vannata didnt protect himself at all. He took a huge punch directly to the face (described as a super punch) and didnt look affected other than the blood streaming form his face. Vannata was getting a little cocky, he proved he could take a punch like a champ but he took way too many and succumed to a choke and tapped out in the second round. Great fight.

MMA: UFC Fight Night - Ferguson vs Vannata

Bantamweight – John Lineker def. Michael McDonald (KO punches)

McDonald stands 6 inches taller than Lineker but his height advantage didn’t help him much. Lineker landed very heavy punches which knocked McDonald down 3 times in the first round. It is amazing that McDonald was able to get back up and he knew he was finished so he just swung his arms around throwing punches looking for a lucky KO. Lineker finished him off after the third knockdown. After the fight Lineker calls out Dana White for a championship match and he looks like he is deserving of one.

UFC Fight Night: McDonald v Lineker

I am looking forward to next Saturday, July 23rd for the next UFC Fight Night where Holly Holm takes on Valentina Shevchenko.