Anyone who is invested in the NBA community will know who Craig Sager is. He is a member of the valueless group of NBA sideline reporters which are responsible for interrupting the game broadcast with updates on the emotions of the crowd, player injuries, and the utterly worthless coach interview in between quarters.

Sideline reporters (except for a talented few) fall victim to my hatred due to the constant flow of useless information provided by them. The two generic questions asked by sideline reporters between quarters and the cliché riddled meaningless answers from coaches are a plague to the NBA viewing experience. But with many aspects of life, I accept the sideline reporters for what they are and acknowledge they will never go away.

Unfortunately I can’t ignore Craig Sager.

Craig Sager is famous for wearing hideous suits while conducting his futile sideline duties. These suits have brought Sager lots of attention and fame. They are a tool to further the career of Sager, they do not add anything to the broadcast other than more visibility for himself.

Sager should be promoting the NBA, not himself.

I have held this opinion ever since I began watching the NBA in a less potent hate fueled state that I consistently find myself residing in adulthood. The TNT broadcast has been infested by the ego of Sager since the 1990’s. The longevity of his career has been classified as an accomplishment and awarded with the belief that it has helped the prosperity of the NBA. I vehemently disagree.

Now Sager is dying of cancer.

For the past two years Sager has been fighting cancer and every prominent member of the NBA community has taken advantage of the opportunity to receive easy praise by wishing Sager a healthy recovery. This “battle” with cancer has led to even more time wasted during the NBA broadcast with even more attention being given to Sager.

For the family and friends of Craig Sager, I do feel bad for the pain they will go through once he succumbs to his cancer. With saying that, I look forward to the days of watching NBA games without Craig Sager lumbering around the sidelines in his attention seeking suits.